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Dr. VanderBeek’s 100 Men Club – Charity Donation

November 17, 2017

Dr. Michael VanderBeek and the 100 Men Club met this past September to decide what cause would be receiving the group’s charitable quarterly donation. It didn’t take long for the group to decide that Hockey Has Heart would be receiving this quarter’s donation. The primary goal of Hockey Has Heart is to support Michigan families facing life-altering challenges.

Thanks to the support of Dr. Michael VanderBeek and the other members of the club, $12,000 was raised to help a player from Macomb Dakota High School get a specialized wheelchair after the player was left paralyzed after crashing head-first into the boards last December.

This donation is the 100 Men Club’s third charitable gift since getting started in December 2016. Since launching with 50 people, the 100 Men Club has now grown to 140 members with Dr. VanderBeek being one of the founding members.

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