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Excuses to leave work early:
Ranked from best to worst!

August 26, 2015

Let's face it. Summer is way too short and fall is coming up way too quickly. You've probably caught yourself staring out your office windows wishing you were outside enjoying the beautiful afternoon. Maybe you have even dreamt up excuses to sneak out a little early. Certainly your boss would understand that you have to leave early to tend to your sick pet fish?

Now, we are not advocating making up excuses to leave a little early. We'll leave that up to you. What we are talking about are legitimate, adult responsibilities that may have the added bonus of giving you a few extra hours to enjoy the beautiful, sweet outdoors.

From best to worst, here are the top reasons to leave work early.

You have a dental appointment

Who can argue with that? Taking care of your precious teeth is a noble endeavor. Your boss will no doubt appreciate your dedication to hygiene and great health. And if by chance you finish your appointment and there are a few extra hours left in the afternoon to get outside and enjoy summer, well that is just a reward from the adult tooth fairy. One you no doubt deserve.

Getting an oil change

From the burning coffee smell in the waiting room, to the dreaded, "Your car needs these five other things fixed" discussion, getting an oil change is your second best excuse for leaving the office a little early. But only because they can do it in 30 minutes or less. Just remember to bring your wallet!

Helping a friend move

First off, congratulations, you are a very good friend! You are definitely owed a dinner for this one. Sure, this excuse will get you outside, and then inside and outside. Repeat. But it is likely to go well into the evening, especially if your friend is the type who doesn't think to pack before the day of the move. Even worse though, you will likely be working much harder than if you stayed in the office.

Waiting for the cable guy

This is your worst excuse for leaving the office early. On the one hand you will garner a lot of sympathy. Hey, we've all been there. It comes in as the worst excuse because it is a little too much like gambling. The cable guy says he will show between Noon and 5 P.M., and sure, you could get lucky and have him come and gone by 1 P.M., leaving you to enjoy the whole afternoon. But let's be honest, no one is that lucky.

Nope. Clearly your best bet is the dentist! Your teeth will agree.

By the way, our tongue and cheek, as well as our teeth, mouth and throat were firmly planted in this article. We hope you enjoyed it.